Readers' Directions
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Readers' Directions

   For the benefits of the public, library users should follow the rules of behavior listed here to keep a good environment and order in the library.
        1、A campus card is requested to enter as well as exit from monitoring passages. 

        2、If something is unusual while your going through the monitoring passages, please     cooperate with the inspection.
        3、Either checking out or returning books can be conducted at the circulation desk on     Floor 1.
        4、Please keep all the books on shelves tidy. Leave the books on the nearest book-cart on     the desk if you finish reading and not to check them out.
        5、Silence should always be observed, keep the library clean ,eating and drinking are     prohibited in the library.
        6、Smoking is forbidden everywhere.
        7、No occupation of library seat.
        8、Users are requested to take good care of all the library facilities.



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